25% Welcome Bonus

Welcome Bonus

We welcome the traders with non-withdrawable trading bonus of 25% on their initial deposit. It gives us an immense pleasure that we offer the bonus to everyone who likes to trade in FOREX industry with our own expense. This initiative is solely for the customers that familiarize with our company and quality of service we provide to the clients. It directly aims at solely extracting the financial gain though target profit or loss. On contrary, if there is a violation of promo campaign and agreements, or found that the profit is transferred to other account, then traders will be blocked without any intimation or warning.

Trading Bonus Conditions

  • Welcome Bonus is only valid for one person at a time and the same IP address will come in due validation.
  • The welcome bonus is only extended up to a credit of $1250
  • Position overnight are called swaps and are applicable for trading bonus
  • The Bonus is applicable on the Standard Account only.
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