what is forex

What is Forex

Foreign exchange is a currency trading platform for global investors. When enterprises engage in imports and exports, currency exchange takes place, and Forex keeps traders updated on currency fluctuations. Forex is one of the most traded markets, with a day worth of $4.9 trillion. It is a decentralized market, with foreign exchange transactions carried out over-the-counter.

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Why trade forex

Why Trade Forex

Forex Trading has emerged as an exquisite, customizable trading platform for garnering maximal profits, easily and feasibly. While dealing with forex, the concern is about maintaining the transactions anytime in a day, anywhere across the globe. The beauty of 24-hour trading is that one can feasibly customize the plans to suit one’s requirement. .

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Market Players

Market Players

Forex transactions are lucrative options to garner profits for individual, institutional investors and other additional forex market players. The forex market is decentralized, self-regulated yet over-the-counter (OTC) international market. The market has a myriad of levels, each with varying determinants and different players. A lot depends on how people new to forex market structure are educated about the vagaries of the market..

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Why choose Seven Star FX

How to Choose a Broker

It is impossible to trade in forex without a broker and thus choosing one is of utmost importance. But how to choose a broker who understands your requirements is equally crucial. Deciding on a brokerage firm is an investment decision that will decide your future course. Stockbrokers can be a reliable guide to trade wisely, and they help make informed decisions through their expertise in the forex markets.

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How to place trade1

How to Place Trade

Seven Star FX Ltd. caters to Metatrader4 for an easy and hassle-free process to place trade. The key steps are as below:

  • Watch live Prices
  • Choosing the correct product
  • Sell/Buy
  • Confirming and Closing Order
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