FOREX trading is one of the most complicated in the arena of trading hence, it is important for the traders to know about any major forex events that serves as a major forecasting tool to predict about the market conditions. It is generally seen that the market activity shoots up when the holiday is bygone. Hence by referring to our holiday calendar you can decide the market.

Seven Star FX holiday calendar helps you to see all the relevant dates that will be keen to know your trading skills.

DateName Of CountryHoliday
Canada    CanadaNew Year's Day
Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom    United KingdomNew Year's Day
japan again    JapanNew Year's day
01/01/2017USA final    United States of AmericaNew Year's Day
01/01/2017Flag_of_New_Zealand    New ZealandNew Year's Day
01/01/2017Flag_of_France    FranceNew Year's Day
01/01/2017Australian_Flag    AustraliaNew Year's Day
01/01/2017Germany flag    GermanyNew Year's Day
01/02/2017switzerland-flat-rectangular-flag    SwitzerlandBerchtold's Day
01/09/2017japan again    JapanComing of Age Day
01/16/2017USA final    United States of AmericaMartin Luther king, JR.Day
01/26/2017India Flag    IndiaRepublic Day
02/11/2017japan again    JapanNational Foundation Day
02/20/2017USA final    United States of AmericaPresidents Day
02/24/2017India Flag    IndiaMahashivratri
03/20/2017japan again    JapanVernal Equinox
04/14/2017India Flag    IndiaGood Friday
04/14/2017Australian_Flag    AustraliaGood Friday
04/14/2017Germany flag    GermanyGood Friday
04/14/2017USA final    United States of AmericaGood Friday
04/14/2017Flag_of_France    FranceGood Friday
04/14/2017Flag_of_New_Zealand    New ZealandGood Friday
04/14/2017Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom    United KingdomGood Friday
04/14/2017Canada    CanadaGood Friday
04/14/2017switzerland-flat-rectangular-flag    SwitzerlandGood Friday
04/17/2017Australian_Flag    AustraliaEaster Day
04/17/2017Germany flag    GermanyEaster
04/17/2017Flag_of_France    FranceEaster
04/17/2017Flag_of_New_Zealand    New ZealandEaster
04/17/2017Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom    United KingdomEaster Monday
04/17/2017Australian_Flag    AustraliaEaster Monday
04/29/2017japan again    JapanShowa Day
05/01/2017Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom    United KingdomEarly May bank Holiday
05/04/2017japan again    JapanGreenery Day
05/05/2017japan again    JapanChildren's Day
05/25/2017switzerland-flat-rectangular-flag    SwitzerlandAscension Day
05/29/2017Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom    United KingdomSpring Bank Holiday
05/29/2017USA final    United States of AmericaMemorial Day
07/04/2017USA final    United States of AmericaIndependence Day
07/17/2017japan again    JapanMarine Day
08/28/2017Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom    United KingdomSummer Bank Holiday
09/04/2017USA final    United States of AmericaLabour Day
09/04/2017Canada    CanadaLabour Day
09/18/2017japan again    JapanRespect For the Aged Day
09/23/2017japan again    JapanAutumnal Equinox
10/03/2017Germany flag    GermanyGerman Unity Day
10/09/2017japan again    JapanHealth and Sports Day
10/19/2017India Flag    IndiaDiwali
11/03/2017japan again    JapanCulture Day
11/23/2017japan again    JapanLabor Thanksgiving Day
11/23/2017USA final    United States of AmericaThanksgiving Day
12/23/2017japan again    JapanEmperor's bitrhday
12/24/2017Flag_of_France    FranceChristmas Eve
12/24/2017switzerland-flat-rectangular-flag    SwitzerlandChristmas Eve
12/26/2017Flag_of_France    FranceChristmas Day
12/26/2017USA final    United States of AmericaChristmas Day
12/26/2017Australian_Flag    AustraliaChristmas Day
12/26/2017Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom    United KingdomChrismas Day
12/26/2017Canada    CanadaChristmas Day
12/26/2017India Flag    IndiaChrismas Day
12/26/2017Germany flag    GermanyChristmas Day
12/26/2017Flag_of_New_Zealand    New ZealandChristmas Day
12/26/2017Australian_Flag    AustraliaBoxing Day
12/26/2017Flag_of_New_Zealand    New ZealandBoxing Day
12/26/2017Flag_of_France    FranceBoxing Day
12/26/2017Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom    United KingdomBoxing Day
12/30/2017Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom    United KingdomExchange Holiday
12/31/2017Germany flag    GermanyNew Year's Day
12/31/2017switzerland-flat-rectangular-flag    SwitzerlandNew Year's Day
12/31/2017Flag_of_France    FranceNew Year's Eve