Our specialization in trading has varied reach that expands over various finance trading instruments.

Currency Trading

Our currency trading segment covers all currency pairs available for trading globally. You can trade on all major currency pairs with our efficient MT4 trading platform that would bring you’re the precise analysis too.


Metal Trading

If you want diversity in your trading portfolio then metal trading is the option for you. You can trade on all fast moving and precious metals through our vivid metal trading portfolio.

Energy Trading

Energy trading is offered on various forms of bulk energy resources like natural gas and wholesale electricity. These energy resources are traded just like commodities and our traders are facilitated with easy trading platform.


Indices Trading

Our indices trading facility will help you trade in the turbulent trading market too. If you don’t want to track the individual financial instruments then trading on indices would be quite lucrative.

US Stocks

We at Seven Star FX also offer you the trading opportunity on US stocks. You can track the ups and downs of the US stock market at the click of a button on our updated trading platform.

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Morgan Stanley
Bank Of America