Our Secure Client Area will help you to provide a grip and control on your activities both operational and financial levels. The basic functionality of Secure Client Area is that it helps you to put your registration process in place. It will safeguard your trading or operational activities to the registered users, by logging into the account. There are several other features while using our Secure Client Area highlighted below

  • Creates Demo & Multiple live accounts

    This is one of the most basic functionality of our Secure Client Area, it helps the users to open Demo or multiple Live Accounts without any kind of long registration process, they can just open account by single click.

  • eWallet

    eWallet is your own digital wallet on your Seven Star FX Secure Client Area, where you can store your money to use it in future. You can deposit the money to eWallet at any time and keep the funds in your eWallet so, you can transfer the money to you trading account during market volatility.

  • Upload Documents

    Once the account is formed you can either upload the documents instantly or later; it gives you the flexibility and convenience to upload your documents anytime. To fully activate your account, you will need to upload your valid documents.

  • Deposit / Withdrawal

    Secure Client Area provides you the clarity regarding the deposit and withdrawal system in your trading account. We offer a number of payment method for the purpose of Deposit/Withdrawal like Skrill, Neteller, FasaPay, OKPAY, RegularPay, WireTransfer etc.

  • Internal Transfer

    The internal transfer is most integral part of your trading account. Seven Star FX Secure Client Area gives you a unique opportunity to transfer your funds between your MT4 Accounts and eWallet Account.

  • View Trading History

    Our Secure Client Area helps you to view your trading orders which is of utmost importance from the traders’ view point. It helps you to predict the orders limit and decide whether the order is scalping or hedging order. The trading history enables the users to foresee the slippage pricing.

  • Can Change Password

    This is one of the basic features of Secure Client Area which helps the users to set their own password for their Secure Client Area as well as for their MT4 Accounts, anytime. It will help them to set their own customized password which is easy to remember.

  • Option to Change Leverage

    Leverage is one of the most important feature of FOREX industry. It helps you to gain a good amount of profit with low investments. Secure Client Area provides you the power to change the leverage according to your trading and risk taking capacity.

Why Seven Star FX

The vital philosophy of the company is that it ensures client satisfaction and enhance their creditability. An STP/ECN broker that provides you fast and reliable execution with low cost spread

Client Fund Safety

FX Research Center

Our FX research Center is specially designed for the traders, where we seamlessly works for 24 hour global coverage of various capital market products that offers the better market insights for global clients

FX Blogs

Trading Accounts

We offer different types of accounts to different type of investors based on their trading criteria. Hence a variety of accounts suit their trading needs as it takes into consideration from large to small type of investors.

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