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Coffee is widely preoccupied and one of the most used softs (commodities) in the world. It is subject to prediction of the climatic conditions, supply chain instability, etc. Coffee plants are mostly found in equatorial regions like Americas, Southeast Asia and Africa. It is the second largest mostly traded commodities in the world. Coffee Future contract is traded on ICE_NYBOT (New York Board of Trade). Trading Coffee Futures with Seven Star FX is easy at our platform.

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KCH7 Trading Condition

Current ContractKCH7
DescriptionCoffee Futures - MAR 2017
Notice DayFebruary 17, 2016
Expiry DateMarch 21, 2017
Next ContractKCK7
Tradable ContractsH, K, N, U, Z
Initial Margin$2,970
Maintenance Margin
Contract Size37500 Ibs
Tick Size0.05
Tick Value18.75
Min. Commission$10 Per Round Trade
SpreadExchange Spread*
Trading Hours10:15 to 19:30 (Mon to Fri)

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