Seven Star FX has been a frontrunner in currency trading online for more than ten years. We provide traders access to more than 49 currencies, with advanced trading tools, competitive spreads, and quality executions. Seven Star FX provides a transparent pricing model having no commissions and tight spreads.

Seven Star FX empowers one to trade via our bespoke and multi-award bagging forex trading platforms. With a fabulous interface, check exchange rates and historical charts one can rapidly obtain the information on currencies from any location and at any time.

We offer the securest spreads in the market, for all the major currency pairs. Given normal trading environment, spreads for EUR/USD, EUR/GBP and GBP/USD begin from 0.0 pips as well. We differ from many other forex brokers as we don’t mark up the spreads. As a result, there are no extra charges or hidden costs when trading with us.

Manage exposure, trade different sizes (as low as micro lots) and maximize trading flexibility, with leverage beginning from 50:1 and an upper limit of 500:1. Seven Star FX is the best place to kick off Forex trading. Our platform offers support from 10 a.m. Monday to Friday 11 p.m. GMT, helping one to trade Forex round the clock.

Seven Star FX clients encompass both retail traders and institutional partners across the globe, to trade currency online. We offer a host of technical and fundamental analysis tools to leverage the forex markets. The company sends the traders the latest currency exchange news and also provides the latest news and articles on currency.

Product Details

Numerous Reason to choose
Currency PairsSpreadSwap LongSwap ShortContract Size 
AUDUSD0.1-1.5-2.9100000 AUD
EURUSD0.1-8.73.2100000 EUR
GBPUSD0.3-7.11.2100000 GBP
USDCHF0.13.8-9.2100000 USD
USDJPY0.12.3-6.2100000 USD
NZDUSD0.30.5-5.0100000 NZD
USDCAD0.3-1.5-3.4100000 USD

FX Minors

Currency PairsSpreadSwap LongSwap ShortContract Size 
AUDCAD1.5-0.6-5.1100000 AUD
AUDCHF1.63.4-8.2100000 AUD
AUDNZD2.5-3.80.3100000 AUD
EURAUD1.7-8.53.1100000 EUR
EURCHF2.1-1.8-4.1100000 EUR
EURGBP0.9-3.1-0.5100000 EUR
GBPAUD1.6-7.22.4100000 GBP
GBPCHF3.40.9-7.2100000 GBP

FX Crosses

Currency PairsSpreadSwap LongSwap ShortContract Size 
CADCHF1.51.9-6.8100000 CAD
EURCAD1.7-7.82.4100000 EUR
EURNZD1.5-11.56.8100000 EUR
GBPCAD2.7-5.90.2100000 GBP
GBPNZD3-10.65.6100000 GBP

FX Yen

Currency PairsSpreadSwap LongSwap ShortContract Size 
AUDJPY0.52.0-6.1100000 AUD
CADJPY0.70.5-4.7100000 CAD
CHFJPY0.4-4.1-0.6100000 CHF
EURJPY0.5-3.1-1.2100000 EUR
GBPJPY0.9-1.3-4.2100000 GBP
NZDJPY13.6-7.8100000 NZD