AUD/JPY is a closely watched currency pair as it provides traders a pseudo look into the inherent strength or weaknesses of the Chinese economy. Japan and Australia are the biggest trading partners to the Chinese economy in terms of the balance of trade between the three nations annually as China is a net importer of raw materials from both the economies. The meteoric rise and slowdown, along with the fears of a hard landing for the Chinese economy has brought a greater prominence to the currency pair for traders around the globe. Trade AUD/JPY online with Seven Star FX, you can get spot trading AUD/JPY quotes here. Online AUD/JPY Trade is easy at our platform.

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AUDJPY Live Rates


AUDJPY Trading Condition

DescriptionAustralian Dollar vs Japanese Yen
Used Margin 1000*AUDUSD Rate
Contract Size100000 AUD
Pip Size1
Pip Value8.0413
Swap Long2.0
Swap Short-6.1

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