CAD/CHF as a currency pair has become pair of choice for traders and investors who look to trade the volatility of commodity markets and also hedge their trades. The Canadian dollar, which tracks most base metal currencies and the Swiss Franc, and is considered to be a safe haven currency, provide traders the optimum trade set up. One of the greatest advantages of trading the CAD/CHF pair is the low spreads available. Both currencies are largely affected by the changes in policy statements by respective central banks. Thus, traders closely track the policy announcements very closely. Trade CAD/CHF online with Seven Star FX, you can get spot trading CAD/CHF quotes here. Online CAD/CHF Trade is easy at our platform.

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CADCHF Live Rates


CADCHF Trading Condition

DescriptionCanadian Dollar vs Swiss Franc
Used Margin1000 * USDCAD Rate
Contract Size100000 CAD
Pip Size1
Pip Value10.22913
Swap Long1.9
Swap Short-6.8

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