The CAD/JPY is a currency pair used by traders who do not prefer to be in the limelight but like working behind the scenes. The Japanese Yen considered is considered to be a relatively stable currency. The Canadian dollar is primarily affected by the changes in commodity prices. This allows traders to trade the pseudo commodity interest rate pair trade. CAD/JPY has gained prominence as it allows traders safeguard themselves from any volatility in the commodity market. Trade CAD/JPY online with Seven Star FX, you can get spot trading CAD/JPY quotes here. Online CAD/JPY Trade is easy at our platform.

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CADJPY Live Rates


CADJPY Trading Condition

DescriptionCanadian Dollar vs Japanese Yen
Used Margin 1000 / USDCAD Rate
Contract Size100000 CAD
Pip Size1
Pip Value8.04111
Swap Long0.5
Swap Short-4.7

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