‘PLN’ is the abbreviation of Polish Zloty and remains the official currency of Poland. It is one of the top 10 largest economies in Europe. According to the statistics of EU (European Union), Poland is 6th largest economy in the EU (European Union) and one of the safest countries to live in by the research carried by Global Peace Index. While Euro is the major currency in Eurozone and hence it is the macro- currency which serves as base currency in Eurozone. Trade EURPLN online with Seven Star FX, you can get spot trading EURPLN quotes here. Online EURPLN trade is easy at our platform.

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EURPLN Live Rates


EURPLN Trading Condition

DescriptionEuro vs Polish Zloty
Used Margin in USD1000 * EURUSD Rate
Contract Size100000 EUR
Pip Size1
Pip Value2.65922
Limit and Stop Level200
Swap Long-22.4
Swap Short8.5

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