Euro/dollar currency pair expressed as EUR/USD where EUR is the base currency, and USD is the quote currency. Online EURUSD Trade enjoys the status of being the most traded currency pair across the globe. When one purchases capital EUR/USD, he is exchanging United State Dollars for Euros (buying Euros with Dollars). When one sells this pair, he is entering into reverse transaction, exchanging Euros for Dollars (selling Euros for Dollars). USD price depends on labor market data, GDP and inflation data, interest rates, and the Fed. Online EUR/USD Trade is easy at our platform.

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EURUSD Live Rates


EURUSD Trading Condition

DescriptionEuro vs Australian Dollar
Used Margin 1000 * EURUSD Rate
Contract Size100000 EUR
Pip Size1
Pip Value10
Swap Long-8.7
Swap Short3.4

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