The Sterling is considered to be one of the heaviest traded currency by traders around the world on the back of London being the financial centre for most European Institutional investors wanting to invest around the world. The Loonie (Canadian dollar) is typically considered a commodity currency due to Canada’s overwhelming reliance on energy exports for growth. The movements in the energy markets like oil and natural gas, as well as trade reports coming out of China largely effect the movement in the GBP/CAD. Trade GBP/CAD online with Seven Star FX, you can get spot trading GBP/CAD quotes here. Online GBP/CAD Trade is easy at our platform.

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GBPCAD Live Rates


GBPCAD Trading Condition

DescriptionGreat Britain Pound vs Canadian Dollar
Used Margin 1000 * GBPUSD Rate
Contract Size100000 GBP
Pip Size1
Pip Value7.3373
Swap Long-5.9
Swap Short0.2

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