British Pound ‘GBP’ is one of the most fluctuating currencies in the world versus Japanese Yen ‘JPY’. GBPJPY is most speculated by the various currency analyst and has always generated the controversy because of the artificial and under shadow of their currency price range as Japanese economy is far superior to Euro economy as claimed by many economist around the world. Trade GBPJPY online with Seven Star FX, you can get spot trading GBPJPY quotes here. Online GBPJPY trade is easy at our platform.

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GBPJPY Live Rates


GBPJPY Trading Condition

Description Great Britain Pound vs Japanese Yen
Used Margin 1000 * GBPUSD Rate
Contract Size100000 GBP
Pip Size1
Pip Value8.04285
Swap Long-1.3
Swap Short-4.2

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