NZD refers to New Zealand Dollar is considered as one of the most business friendly economies in the world ahead of Japan, Singapore and Europe. The economy of New Zealand is simple, consists of agricultural, small-manufacturing and technology sectors. New Zealand economy is dependent economy as it has maintained good international trade treaties with Japan, Australia, Europe and US, while on the other hand the Japanese economy is a highly industrialised economy known for the global exports. Trade NZDJPY online with Seven Star FX, you can get spot trading NZDJPY quotes here. Online NZDJPY trade is easy at our platform.

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NZDJPY Live Rates


NZDJPY Trading Condition

DescriptionNew Zealand Dollar vs Japanese Yen
Used Margin 1000 * NZDUSD Rate
Contract Size100000 NZD
Pip Size1
Pip Value8.04305
Swap Long3.6
Swap Short-7.8

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