Seven Star FX is a premier name in the realm of oil and natural gas. Founded in 2004, the company has set new benchmarks in carrying out energy trading online over the past decade.

The energy market is an extensive platform that comes with nonpareil product suites, full of comprehensive opportunity, with commitment to consumers promising flexible, unmatched market access. Ideally, Seven Star FX has a wide spectrum of energy-related product suites and offerings to bolster the markets and maximize profits.

Seven Star FX is exquisite in its range of dedicated energy trade online. The orders can be placed explicitly to the exchange by the virtue of online data entry systems. The company provides top-notch research and energy trading risk management. The company is engaged in conducting research and execute energy consultancy services for traders and hedgers. With its true grit, Seven Star FX has been successful in luring customers. Both HNI consumers, institutions and other organizations to navigate the natural gas and crude oil markets. The value added services, supported by 24×5 customized customer services, provided by Seven Star FX are of substantial use to those involved greatly across the energy trade markets.

Be a part of Seven Star FX today and have ready access to a plenitude of information about futures trading, coupled with quality customer service.

Product Details

Numerous Reason to choose

Current ContractDescriptionContract SizeMin. CommissionExchange 
CRUDEOILSpot Crude Oil Contract100 Barrels$1 Per Round TradeNYMEX
UKOILSpot Brent Crude Oil Contract100 Barrels$1 Per Round TradeNYMEX