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About CAC40

CAC40 also known as FRA40, which serves as yardstick to French Stock Exchange. This index represent a market capitalisation of top 40 companies out of 100 companies listed in Paris bourse it serves as one of the major indices in the Eurozone.

The CAC40 is mostly dominated by France originated companies however the major investment share comes from FIIs (foreign institutional investor). German, Chinese and British investors serve this index. The company who have highest listed in market capitalisation comes under this exchange hence many actively performing companies do comes in this exchange.

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CAC40 Trading Condition

MT4 SymbolCAC40
DescriptionCAC 40 Futures - APR-2017
Expiry DateApril 21, 2017
Next ContractMay, 2017
Tradable ContractsMonthly
Initial MArgin€ 3,630
Maintenance Margin
€ 3,630
Contract/ Lot Size10 * Index
Tick Size0.5
Tick Value5
SpreadExchange Spread*
Min. Commission$10 Per Lot Traded
Trading Hours08:00 to 22:00 (Mon to Fri)

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