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The prices of metal copper is widely used in commodity sectors. It is most essential industrial metal used worldwide for production and manufacturing purposes. Copper price is mostly followed by the various financial markets across the globe as the metal is quite popular in the industry for its usage. It is widely utilised in industrial construction specially used in electric instruments such as circuit boards and wires. Copper has several mines in the world with Chile, United States, China and India. The growing demand and supply has kept the copper price highly volatile in the industry. Trading Copper Futures with Seven Star FX is easy at our platform.

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HGK7 Trading Condition

Current ContractHGK7
DescriptionCopper Futures - MAY 2017
Notice DayApril 28, 2017
Expiry DateApril 28, 2017
Next ContractHGN7 (Copper Futures - MAY 2017)
Tradable ContractsH, K, N, U, Z
Initial Margin$3,030
Maintenance Margin
Contract/ Lot Size25000 lbs
Tick Size0.0005
Tick Value12.5
Min. Commission$10 Per Round Trade
SpreadExchange Spread*
Trading Hours00:00 to 23:00 (Mon to Fri)

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