Gold refers to XAU while the symbol XAUUSD reflects the current price value of gold ounce (oz.) against US Dollar (USD). Historically, gold has been treated as the ultimate cache (store) of currency value. While many big and small investors try to trade to diversify the risk, the gold price might fluctuate in the various commodity market due to heavy trading volume. Whereby traders speculates on futures, spot and derivative contract, gold is traded periodically or on day to day basis from the over the counter prices with the scientific name as “XAU”. Despite major economic trend reversal in the commodity market, Gold remains to be undisputed king and most preferred choice among the traders.

The gold price can affect the value of global currencies, commodities, inflation rate and economic scenario. During the volatile period US Dollar, base currency in currency exchange market, can affect hugely. Hence gold price is one of the important criteria to judge the economic situation of a country.

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XAUUSD Live Rates


XAUUSD Trading Condition

DescriptionSpot Gold
Contract Size100 Oz
Tick Size0.01
Tick Value1
Swap Long-3.1
Swap Short-0.47

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