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Platinum chemical symbol ‘Pt’ is a dense, hard, ductile and rare form of metal. One of the most important features of this metal is that it is highly non-reactive hence it cannot be duplicated in any form. Hence, it is very pure. Platinum is mostly produced in South Africa, Russia and Canada. It serves as catalyst and widely used in several industrial commodities such as electrical contacts and electrodes, laboratory equipment, platinum resistance thermometers, medical and operation equipment, and jewellery. Trading Platinum Futures with Seven Star FX is easy at our platform.

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PLJ7 Trading Condition

Current ContractPLJ7
DescriptionPlatinum Futures -APR 2017
Notice DayMarch 31, 2017
Expiry DateApril 26, 2017
Next ContractPLN7 (Platinum Future - JUL 2017)
Tradable ContractsF, J, N, V
Initial Margin$3,980
Maintenance Margin
Contract/ Lot Size50 Troy Oz
Tick Size0.005
Tick Value25
Min. Commission$10 Per Round Trade
SpreadExchange Spread*
Trading Hours00:00 to 23:00 (Mon to Fri)

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