XAGUSD refers to silver to US Dollar. It is one of the core metal traded in forex and OTC market. XAG is commonly termed as silver which is prime metal, traded after gold, mostly used in making the jewellery, coin, ornaments and other industrial instruments. Silver is widely produced in American region, it stands one step ahead of gold for industrial users. The primary uses of this metal are in photography, electronic household items and jewellery. While the secondary uses are in mining industry, fabrication, and in finished goods. Generally the metals traders around the world uses the silver spot and future contract for price hedging and risk management. It plays one of the important role to balance their trading portfolio.

While, USD denotes “US Dollar”. It is a major currency and has the largest economy in the world. It remains at the top of the list as core metal to trade. Like every other commodity silver is subject to frequent prices change considering the factors of demand and supply.

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XAGUSD Live Rates


XAGUSD Trading Condition

DescriptionSpot Silver
Used Margin$ 5000
Contract Size5000 Oz
Tick Size0.005
Tick Value25
Swap Long-2.5
Swap Short0.0

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