Seven Star FX helps the traders to choose the various range of FX currencies like FX Majors, FX Minors, Crosses, Euro, Yen & Exotics along with that we offer Future Currency Contracts directly access through CME Exchange.

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Trade precious metals with industry giant: Seven Star FX, whereby we provide live pricing and trading opportunity to end users, traders, fabricators and High Net-worth investors (HNI’s) that uses our standardised derivative contracts. Seven Star FX provides trading in both spot as well as future metals.

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Trading Energy with Seven Star FX is one of the most crucial among the traders as it helps them to measure the economic change. The main responsibility is to bridge the traders and global providers to enable the trading in energy that covers all the geographical areas and nations in oil dealing organization.

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Seven Star FX offers various global indices to trade in one platform seeking a direct access to some of the well-known markets, which consist of several developed and developing regions like US, Australian, Middle-East and European markets. Check now which indices we offer.

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US Stocks

Trading in one of the biggest stock exchange in the world is desirable and preferred by most of the traders, as it provides the best returns as compared to other stock exchanges. Seven Star FX provides you to trade US exchange based stocks that are highly traded in OTC market.

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Seven star FX has emerged as one of the reliable and trusted broker of various agricultural commodities which includes Agriculture Futures and Agriculture Soft. Due to rapid increase in international trade; it has manifold and accelerated the demand for agricultural commodities and as a result we provide them the comprehensive trading experience.

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Interest Rates

Seven Star FX Interest rate products provides the benchmark with US dollar ($) dominated currency, 30 Year treasury Bond (Futures), 2 year treasury notes (Futures), 5 year treasury notes (Futures), 10 year treasury notes (Futures). Almost 40% of traders worldwide trade on these safest trading instruments ever.

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