1. Seven Star FX has a proven decade-long track record of utmost importance. It has a legacy and a dedicated team which make informed decisions, with the utmost expertise, reliably.
  2. There are no hidden fees associated with the forex services provided by Seven Star FX The benefits are:
    • Zero Brokerage

    • Spread starts from Zero

    • Leverage begins from a ratio of 50:1 and reaches up to 400:1

  1. At Seven Star FX , there are dedicated experts who are keen on helping out customers anytime throughout the day, from 11p.m. on Sunday to 11 p.m. on Friday, CET.
  1. Seven Star FX is a team of dedicated financial researchers, expert brokers and advisers who have detailed know-how about the financial market and carries out substantial ground work.
Why Choose Us
  1. With a rich, decade-long experience under its belt, Seven Star FX has an array of 108 online forex product offerings, luring customers with varieties and cherishing customer service.
  2. Seven Star FX’s business acumen revolves around connecting with clients, carrying out safe, secure, efficient and confidential trading solutions every time. The driving force behind the company’s success is exquisite customer service.
  3. Seven Star FX shares comprehensive online commentary and shares educative resources, frankly and unbiasedly, focussed at improving holistic the knowhow and practical capabilities of the customers carrying out forex trading online.

Business Model

Established in the year 2004, the organisation is best described as “mediator” bridging the liquidity of highly traded market in the world. As forward integration, Seven Star FX now offers the various forex products and services to the “i” clients i.e. institutional, individual and IBs. Seven Star FX provides access, to the traders worldwide, to trade in global markets through best online trading platform, Meta Trader 4

  • Best in class customer services
  • High caliber trade execution
  • Deep liquidity
  • Economical spread
  • Highly transparent
  • Islamic accounts facility in all types of account
  • Simple withdrawal system

As young and energetic FX broker, with a decade of experience in different business lines of the same industry, we understand the needs of the traders and their perspective whereby we focus to build the responsible enhancement and development in online trading business by entrusting them with customise trading tools backed by superior customer service which helps to map the different market opportunities.

About Seven Star FX

Seven Star FX was founded in the year 2004. Over the past decade, the company has proved itself and emerged as premier Forex Trading Firm in the realm of the market.

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